Deprecation notice - Realtools has reached end-of-life

We have made the decision to stop working on Realtools insofar as new features and most bug fixes. RT will stay up in its current state until Horse Reality pushes the new horse page and inevitably breaks the core functions of RT (probably months from now).

This was a long time coming and we haven't enjoyed working on this project for several months. The new quarter horse layers will never be predictable nor will any other new colors implemented in the future. #unpredictables (in Discord) is locked and won't be addressed anymore.

We're glad you enjoyed using Realtools for the roughly 2 years it's been up.


This is the hub page for Realtools - a collection of Horse Reality webtools. Click on a tool's name below to see it in action.

RealmergeRealmerge MultiRealvisionExtensioniOS Shortcut

Contact us

Feel free to use our forum thread or join our Discord server if you need to contact us. If you have an issue with predicting foals on Realvision, be sure to check out #unpredictables first.